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IT Return on Investment (ROI)

IT has always been and still is largely considered as a business overhead. Seldom are other business elements given as much free rein on business expenditure.

Most business requires IT as a fundamental element of overheads; however unlike motor vehicles and other capital equipment, it should be subject to constant review, as technology changes and improves. Users should see the benefits available for IT to more effectively aid business.

Business management, is not always confident; current; nor proficient in the IT and Communications arena. This then tends to relegate IT to the back seat, where often “experts” are sought to provide a way forward.

Some “experts” tend to work with a either single purpose focus on; or limited scope based on a possibly narrow experience; and your business manager becomes an integrator of more than one, separate element; over which, there may be limited options presented; these options not understood.

Consider these areas and the confidence a manager has in dealing with all of them:

  • Hardware configuration and efficiency
  • Cloud computing
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
  • System and Data Backup and Recovery
  • Business Continuity Planning and implementation
  • Network bandwidth and impact
  • Soft failure impact on performance
  • Operating System (OS) Software configuration
  • Network firewalls and user access
  • Hacker intrusion and effects on your IP
  • Hacker intrusion and effects on your client’s IP
  • Your responsibility for your client’s data and privacy.
  • Internet continuity and speed
  • Database performance
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Software licenses and the financial exposure, if this is not correct.
  • Open source software, database, server and desktop
  • Call centre operations
  • Legacy Application: support and integration with new technologies.
  • Web site Function and investment returns
  • Managing Printing services

Is your business achieving a Return on your IT and Communications investments?
Obviously, the spectrum of skills and competence, can be found somewhat daunting and everyone needs to be able to call upon the requisite skills to achieve the best outcomes from a very important investment – your IT and IP.

MVSS-Allied Technologies division has a proud record of offering the highest level of support to major IT companies domestically and internationally.

In considering the experience and expertise MVSS has available, we have recognised that many/most Medium to Small Enterprises (MSE) do not have the benefit of what we have. This means that they continue to struggle with the awareness of and the implementation of the best services available in the IT and Communications arena; that best suits their business needs and budgets.

MVSS-Allied Technologies can now expand the breadth of skills available to the MSE community.

Gain from MVSS’ experience at the top end of town; without the pomp and cost.



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